Rage Of Three Kingdoms Game

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Let’s be upfront right away; if you’re expecting high-end graphics, fast pace, something novel, freebies, etc, then you’re at the wrong place. If you’re for strategy, neat interface, PvP gameplay, comic based games, cool features; then Three kingdoms game should be your choice.

Developed by Uforia, Three kingdoms game enables the player to literally raise an entire military from scratch. Players can test their mettle in planning, training, commanding, strategizing, installing military bases/equipment, upgrading weapon systems, forming coalitions, etc. Just like many other Chinese games, this game’s context is ancient China. The storyline is based on three clans in ancient China: Shu, Wei and Shu. Since being based on a novel, players could find it easy if they’ve read it.

Three kingdoms game consists of warrior, craftsman, archer and mystics classes. The level progression is set at 20, 40 and 80. Warriors can advance as Champion or Defender. At the highest level a defender can become a guardian. A Champion can progress till he becomes a Conqueror. They weild sword and shield. Archers become Slayers and Rangers, wherein, Slayers goes till Warden and Rangers become Marksmen. Their weapons are bows and crossbows. Mystics are supporting groups and largely focuses on the well-being of the Empire and its military. Craftsman, as the word suggests, are weapon experts. As they advance through the levels, they gain expertise in building weapons at a fast pace. They move on to become Armorsmith and Weaponsmith.

Three kingdoms game features interesting aspects such as the option to recruit your enemies to side with you in battles. The only drawback is that if the negotiations fail, you could be attacked. The Player vs. Player (PVP) as well as the Guild versus Guild (GVG) feature is huge addon. Coming out victorious in PVP battles allows you to gain access to privileged items and skills via honor points. And you’re also given the the title ‘Lord’.

Unlike PVP, GVG means fighting your enemy guilds and taking control of their castles. This translates to capturing your enemy’s wealth and possessions whereby you have enough resources to advance your game. The ‘death note’ feature is innovative as in, it enables you to track your opponent when you’re attacked by him a number of times. The marked opponent is continuously tracked on your map enabling you to easily get to him to have your revenge.

A major drawback of Three kingdoms game is that, players resorting to cash shop get a greater edge over other player. This to an extent spoils the game flow.